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Building a Hussar Hussards jacket, what would be the best approach or starting point?


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi @avalon,

    I'm glad that you are enjoying our program! I think you can modify shirts patterns to express 'nehru' collar. Although we do not provide free DXFs, you can find a shirt DXF file in our Marketplace.

    Also, I suggest you to refer to How can I express embroidery in CLO article and apply it to express epaulette. When making epaulette thicker, Adjust Rendering Thickness and Adjust Collision Thickness articles can be helpful.

    Hope these are useful!



  • avalon


    Also any specific tutorials on how to do an epaulette?

  • anhle

    Hi Avalon,

    In addition, for any kind of tab detailing or applique, you can draw directly on your pattern with the Internal Polygon/Line tool. Once you've made your design, you can use the Trace tool to select the outlines of your shape and right click to Trace as Pattern. This way, you won't have to guess the placement and measurements of your pattern pieces and your internal shapes (which you will need to sew your tabs to your garment). 



  • jordan

    Thank you Anh for your suggestions I will review and try it myself.


    1. I added 2d polygon object in shape of epaulet.
    2. added some texture. 
    3. Then placed on top of double breasted coat from the market place.
    4. Added an avatar.
    5. I added thickness and collision thickness to the epaulet object


    Now the problem is when I  add it to the shoulder "blue avatar align dot" it sits "inside" the shoulder.

    Only when manual place it 'above' the shoulder it works.

    Also I have no Idea how I should SEW it anyone could help me resolving these problems? Kind regards


    How and where would I sew the epaulette so it fits on the shoulder?

  • anhle


    Did you resize your Avatar? If you did, you will want to match the Arrangement Points to the new Avatar. Without that step, the Arrangement Point might be melting into your Avatar. Go to Avatar > Avatar Editor > the Arrangement tab > click on the below button to Fit to Avatar.

    If you place the epaulet and it intersects with your Avatar or garment, you can just move it up a little in the 3D window. Once it is sewn down, it will snap to place.

    For sewing, you will want to draw Internal Lines on your body pattern that mark the placement of the epaulet. The easiest way to do that is probably to Offset as Internal Line the shoulder segment using the Edit Pattern tool like below.

    Select the Edit Pattern tool as marked. Right click on the shoulder segment and select Offset as Internal Line. You will be able to enter in the amount you want depending on the width of your epaulet. Now you can sew the epaulet edges to this line on the front and back of the body pattern pieces.

    Hope that helps!



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