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How can I express embroidery in CLO?



How can I express embroidery in CLO?



There are three possible ways to express embroidery in CLO differ by the purpose and the situation.

With Scanned Embroidery

Without Scanned Embroidery


With Scanned Embroidery

When there is a scanned image of embroidery, use the Graphic tools in CLO to express embroidery.
However, as expressing thick embroidery and flat embroidery methods are different, please refer to the appropriate guide below.

Express Embroidery with Thickness

To express embroidery with thickness, please refer to below instruction.

  1. Create a rectangle Pattern in the 2D window.

  2. Apply a new fabric to the Pattern and add texture.

  3. Create Internal Lines in the shape of embroidery on the Pattern and cut.

  4. Delete unnecessary Pattern and duplicate the Pattern outline as an Internal Shape to the 3D Garment Pattern.

  5. Sew the embroidery Pattern to the 3D Garment.

  6. Click on the fabric item applied to the embroidery Pattern in the Object Browser and change its Preset as Fusible Rigid. Also, change the Particle Distance to 5.

Express Flat Embroidery

Use the Graphic tools to add the embroidery image to the 3D Garment in order to express embroidery with no thickness.


Without Scanned Embroidery

If there is no scanned image of embroidery, use the image editing tool such as Adobe Photoshop to express embroidery effects. Then, refer to guides from the With Scanned Embroidery section.

You may search how to express embroidery in image editing tools online or take a look at the reference we found below!
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