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How to Create a Puffer Jacket w/ the Pressure Function ⛄⛄⛄


  • Official comment

    Hi yall!

    Sorry this took so long, but just updated with a link to the tutorial video:

  • Permanently deleted user

    nice texture!

  • danielemanassero

    Thanks, Ahn.
    Is the puckering still not shown in the render?
    How can I simulate real like snap buttons, with both part I mean, 
    Maybe use the head part as buttonholes shape and the under part on the other side for the unbuttoned ones?
    Since they are very common for sportswear and padded garments I need to figure out how to simulate them correctly.
    In your garment, some seem not to be well attached to the fabric. Actually, all the buttons tend to do that.out of the front view.

    After all the recent improvements users have become more demanding :))

  • anhle

    Hi Daniele,

    Are you using version 5? Puckering should be shown in the Render unless you have it turned off on your garment. You may need to turn it back on and then refresh your render preview. You can check here in the top-left corner of your 3D Window here:

    If you still can't see the puckering in your render, please email your file link it here or send it to CLO contact and we can take a look.


    To see the bottom/male snaps, you'll have to create a new button (there are some options for male snaps in the button menu) and apply it on the other side of your garment. For places where the male snap is not seen, you can just sew that part closed. On my garment, I used circles to simulate the width of the snap being closed. 

    On my garment, the Additional Thickness - Collision of the pattern pieces is high, so the buttons are still spaced a bit far from the garment naturally. Once you get your garment to a point where you want to render, you should lower the collision thickness of the placket patterns to a lower number. I think I left mine at a collision thickness of 1.0 for the render, so that's the weirdness you're seeing. Maybe you could try 0.5 or 0.2 (but don't go down to zero). Normally, the default collision thickness is 2.5mm.

    If there is still a space, you can use the Select Button tool to select the buttons and turn off Collision in the Property Editor. Now, if you move the buttons closer to the garment w/ the Gizmo or manipulate them to get the look you want, they won't collide with the fabric.


    Hope this helps! 




  • danielemanassero

    Hi Ahn, thanks for your help.
    Is always useful, rehearse tools one may think to be a master. There are always small details to fix.

  • abelloceline

    Great tutorial, but I am having trouble downloading the practice file in CLOset. It is only offering to download the tech pack. Please help?

  • biernba

    Being logged in, the project file is not downloadable in Closet, could you please fix? Thank you!

  • Michelle Pinkham

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry about the broken link! Here is a new CLO-SET file to use with this tutorial!


  • biernba

    Thank you very much :-)

  • fireflydd

    Hi, the download still will not allow me to download. 

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