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Grading Review


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Generate Data for Review

Mode Switch

Layout Setting

Full Screen

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All Grading Sizes of Garments and Avatars can be compared on one screen.

※ Note: Grading Review is activated based on the Saved 3D State.


Main Menu ▶ Mode on top right ▶ REVIEW

  Generate Data for Review

  1. Click the Pair Avatar tab and click the Update after creating and editing the grading.
    → The list on the size tab appears the same.
    → The 3D window's avatar is basically applied to all sizes.
    → If there are two or more size groups, they are combined based on the base size. 

  2. Change the avatar for each grading size as needed. 

  3. Click the checkbox to the right of each size item and simulate.
    → The simulation result of the garment of the size on the avatar is automatically saved. (ver 6.2)
    → After simulation for each size, if the mesh of the pattern is changed due to work such as pattern correction, simulation must be performed again. 

※ Note: From ver 6.2, the simulation results for each size have been improved to be reflected in the review mode immediately. Therefore, the 3D state for review saved in ver 6.1 or lower version is not compatible and it must be simulated for each size again. For more information, please click here


  Mode Switch

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    → Switch to Review Mode
    → 3D windows are displayed on one screen according to the number of grading sizes.

  2. Move, zoom and rotate the view of the 3D window.
    → The view of all 3D windows is adjusted.
  3. Click the icon at the top to set the rendering status of the garment and avatar
    → It is applied to all 3D windows at once. 



  Layout Setting

  1. Enter the width and height directly to adjust the size of each 3D window.
    → Each 3D window size changes according to the size which you entered.
  2.  Click the Layout mceclip0.png to set the 3D window layout (Warp / Horizontal / Vertical) 
    → It will be changed to the corresponding layout.
  3. In order to return to the initial layout, click the Reset Layout mceclip1.png



  Full Screen

  1. Click the Full Screen mceclip2.png 
    → The Screen is converted to Full Screen according to the monitor size as set.
  2. Press the ESC key on your keyboard to exit Full Screen.



  Save Image

  1. Click the Save mceclip3.png and specify a name and path. 
    → The Snapshot window appears.
  2. Check the option to save Transparent Background and Separate Images and click the 'Save'.
    → The image is saved according to the set layout. 




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    Hi, why is that when we grade we cannot enter figures/amounts below 0.100 ? Is there a solution for this? Ideally CLO Version 5.1.312.44058 supports this feature where we can grade below 0.100. Please help me

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    What is the "saved 3D state" that activated the grading review. Please supply more details.