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3D Window Display Icons


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3D Garment Display/Hide

Avatar Display/Hide

3D Garment Rendering Style

Garment Fit Maps

Avatar Rendering Style


3D Garment Display/Hide

 Show Garment (Shift+C)

Show or hide garments.

 Show 3D Seamlines (Shift+S)

Show or hide seam-lines.

 Show Internal Lines

Show or hide internal lines.

 Show Chalk Lines

Show or hide chalk lines.

Show_3D_Pen.png Show 3D Pen (Garment)

Show or hide 3D Pen (Garment).

 Show 3D Threads

Show or hide sewing lines connecting pattern-to-pattern.

 Show Pins 

Show or hide pins.

 Show Button

Show or hide buttons and buttonholes.

 Show Piping 

Show or hide piping.

 Show Bond/Skive (ver2.3.0)

Show or hide bonding and skiving.

 Show Puckering

Show or hide puckering.

Show_Garment_Measurements.png Show Garment Measurements 

Show or hide Garment Measurements.


Avatar Display/Hide

 Show Avatar (Shift + A)

Show or hide avatars.

 Show Arrangement Points (Shift + F)

Show or hide arrangement points.

 Show Bounding Volumes

Show or hide bounding volumes.

 Show X-Ray Joints ( Shift + X)

Show or hide X-Ray joints.

 Show Avatar Measurements 

Show or hide avatar measurements.

 Show Avatar Tape

Show or hide avatar tape.

Show_3D_Pen__Avatar_.png Show 3D Pen (Avatar)

Show or hide 3D Pen (Avatar).


 3D Garment Rendering Style

  Textured Surface (Alt + 2)

Expresses fabrics without thickness.

 Thick Textured Surface (Alt + 1)

Expresses fabrics with their thickness.

 Monochrome Surface (Alt + 3)

Expresses fabrics without their texture images.

 Transparent Surface (Alt + 4)

Applies transparency to all fabric.

 Mesh (Alt + 5)

Expresses fabrics as mesh.

random_color_surface.png Random Color Surface (ver5.0.0)

Distinguish Patterns easily with randomly colored surface (ver5.0.0)


 Garment Fit Maps

  Stress Map (Alt + 6)

Displays the friction strength applied to a garment through color codes and numerical values (kPa) per fabric's unit area. 

 Strain Map (Alt + 7)

Displays how a garment is affected by external forces in percentages.

 Fit Map (Alt + 8)

Displays the tightness of a garment through color codes.

 Show Pressure Points

Show or hide pressure points where the avatar touches the garment. 


 Avatar Rendering Style

  Textured Surface 

Displays avatar with its respective texture images.

 Monochrome Surface 

Displays avatar surface in monochrome.


Displays the mesh structure of an avatar.


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