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Pair Avatar for Grading Size (ver 6.0)



Add Avatars for each graded size.



Object Browser ▶ Grading tab



  1. After grading the pattern, click the Pair Avatar tab.
    → It appears the same as the items in the Size tab.
    → The Avatar in the 3D window is applied to all sizes by default.
    → If there are two or more size groups, they are combined and displayed based on the Base Size.
  2. Click the Pair 3D Form on the right side of the Base Size item to add an avatar.
    → The Avatar in the 3D window is replaced with the added Avatar.
    → An Avatar is added under the Size list with the corresponding file name. 
  3. Click Pair 3D Form again to change to another Avatar or click the Delete button to delete it. 
    → The Avatar will be changed or deleted. 


※ Note: 

  • If an Avatar is added in the list other than Base Size, the Avatar in the 3D window is maintained and when changed to Base, the Avatar and Garment are loaded together.
  • If the Size without an Avatar to Base, only garments are loaded.

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