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Add/Apply Grading


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Add Grading

Apply Grading

Grading Properties



Add and Apply patterns of multiple sizes.


Object Browser ▶ Grading tab


Add Grading

  1. Click the Add button.
    → Size Group is created, and one size is created in the group.
  2. Click the + button to the right of Size Group.
    → A new size is added to the group.



Apply Grading
  1. After selecting the pattern to apply grading, click  mceclip1.png (Apply to Selected Pattern) on the right side of the Size Group.
    → The Size Group is applied to the selected pattern.
  2. Or Click mceclip0.png (Assign To New Grading Rule)
    → It is applied at the same time as adding a new Size Group.



Grading Properties 
  1. Click the Size Group or Size.
    → The properties appear in the Property Editor.
  2. Set the following properties.
    Properties Description
    Name Set the name of the Size Group and Size.
    Color Set the color of the grading segments to be displayed in the 2D pattern.
    Show Shows or hides the grading segments displayed in the 2D pattern.


※Note: Load the RUL file corresponding to the pattern by clickingmceclip0.pngOpen Grade Rule at the top right of the size group. (ver 6.1)

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  • Avatar

    Can we save a size set and import it in an other pattern ???

    I think, but not sure, we have to create one ech time…

    Could you tell me

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    Bikini Design Club

    Hi! Can we grade with horizontal and vertical percentages instead of cm/In??

  • Avatar

    Hi I can't find any tutorials on how to grade in 6.1. The process seems to have changed from 4.1 I can't find the dame grading tool to manually grade. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to stop the numbers from changing themselves when manually entering grading numbers? Also is there a way to copy only the X or the Y values from one point to another?