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Set Fabric Textures


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PBR (Default)

Substance (ver 6.0)



Express texture or pattern of the fabric.




Object Browser Fabric 



  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
  2. Select a fabric. 
    → Fabric Property appears in Property Editor.

  3. Refer to the below table to set the base texture. 

    PBR (Default)




    Set the appropriate CLO Material Type.  


    Click the explore button and apply a texture image from Library/Folder
    ※Note: Click both back and side tabs and deactivate 'Use Same Materials as Front' to apply different materials to other faces of the pattern. 

    Remove Texture Color

    Remove the default color to apply other colors while retaining the pattern or texture. 

    Normal Map

    Apply Normal Map image to express uneven texture more realistically. 


    When a texture is applied, Normal Map is generated by adjusting the Intensity. Higher intensity makes the embossed detail raised off the surface, the lower intensity makes the details lower than the surface.


    Click the explore or apply the Normal Map image from the Library/Folder
    ※Note: Use the normal map image made with the exclusive tool to achieve an accurate normal effect. Also, add a normal map that is different with texture in order to create an extra pattern of surface.

    Displacement Map

    Express thickness or bumpiness of fabrics or textures.


    Express each of the fabrics in various colorways


    Adjust Opacity to create sheer fabric.  
    ※Note:  When you apply opacity to texture, change Garment Rendering Style as Thick Textured Surface

    Alpha Map
    (ver 6.0)

    Express level of transparency using a grayscale image map 

    RGB Mode

    The encoded map with alpha value in RGB channel.

    Alpha Mode

    The encoded map with alpha value in alpha channel.

    Roughness Intensity

    Edit fabric gloss by adjusting Intensity of the Roughness

    Map Edit fabric gloss by adding and modifying Roughness Map.  
    Map Select the Browse button next to the Map option to add a Roughness Map to the selected Fabric style.  
    Map Intensity Adjust the Map's Intensity
    Invert Select to invert the gloss of the fabric. When this option is selected, the shinny part becomes dull and vice-versa. To use Specular Maps provided in CLO below ver4.0.0, check this option.
    Reflection Intensity

    Greater the Reflection Intensity value is, more reflective than the material or fabric is and vice-versa. 

    (ver 6.0)

    Adjust metallic level. Higher value makes the surface more metallic. 

    Metalness Map
    (ver 6.0)

    Partially express metallics using a grayscale image. The white parts of the map appear metallic. 


    • When working with Metalness Map, control Roughness Intensity and Reflection Intensity level that are suitable for the metallic texture. (e.g. Roughness Intensity 10, Reflection Intensity 90)
    • For the non-metallic areas(matte), assign the same metalness map to Roughness Map, and turn on Invert.

    Substance (ver 6.0)
    Set the file format as Substance at the right menu of Material, you can use SBSAR file of Substance which is the main application of physical based rendering.



    Substance File

    Import SBSAR file by clicking 'Explore' or,
    download SBSAR file by clicking 'Go to Substance Source'. 


    Choose the preset of SBSAR.


    Adjust the image resolution of SBSAR.

    Displacement Map/ Reflection/ Technical/ Transformation

    Displacement Map Properties/ Reflection Intensity/ Technical Properties/ Adjust the size, angle, and position of the map.

    Custom Properties

    Edit the properties of SBSAR.

    ※Note: Custom Properties are different depending on the property of the file. Refer to the Substance Manual for more detailed information. 

※Note : When clicking the Back/Side tab and turning off 'Use Same Material as Front' option, you can apply different materials to the back and side of the pattern and also you can set 'Use Same Color as Front' option. (ver 6.1)



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    Please tell me how to import Substance fabrics in CLO?