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Fabric Color



Set the color of the fabric. 



Object Browser ▶ Fabric Tab ▶ Fabric Item ▶ Color 



  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:
    → A color window appears.

  2. Refer to the table below to set the color.

    Custom Palette

    ① Edit Color Click the color you want to use from the color field or enter color values. 
    ② Eyedropper Select the color you want to use from the image, inside of the program, or the other websites. 
    ③ Add Color Add the selected color in Custom Palette.
    ④ Swatch Size Adjust the size of swatches. 
    ⑤ Open/ Save File Open or Save color palette file.
    ⑥ Reset Reset your Custom Palette. 
    ⑦ Change the view Choose List, Detail, or Icon view to change the view. 
    ⑧ Edit Color Swatch Rename Double-click the swatch to change the name.
    Reorder Click & drag and drop the swatch to change the order.
    Delete Click the swatch and delete it pressing Delete in keyboard.

    Palette Library

    ⑨ Add Palette File

    Import Palette files(ACO, ASO, CCO). 
    ※ Note: Pantone Color Library (ver 5.1)
     You can only save the Pantone colors in CC0 format supported by CLO. 

    ⑩ Search Color
    (ver 5.2)
    Search the similar color with the name of the color or the selected color.
    ⑪ Add Color to Custom Palette Add the color of Palette Library to the Custom Palette.


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