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Fold rendering


  • pabloquintana

    Coolla, fold rendering will not smooth the curve like a subdivision algorithm would do, meaning it will draw a curve between two edges. In this case fold rendering means that you don't see a razor sharp line on each of the lines you've drawn, but soften the edge, not the space between the lines.

    If you wan to have a smooth collar, you don't need all those lines, you just need to control the fabric properties with binding, or strengthening, or fabrics that act like the bonded material that is used in a collar.

  • coolla

    I watched this video and in the time 3:50 - 4:10 it is nicely shown what the fold rendering will do off. No inter line are visible at all. I need the collar to be shaped like in the photo. That's why I need an inter line to bend the collar.

  • danielemanassero

    Hi, coolla in the video you mention there are just two lines, as Pablo correctly suggested to you.
    The values you have to pay attention are fold angle, fold strength, when you are satisfied with the result turn off fold rendering to smooth the curve.


  • ottoline

    You can locally reduce the mesh distance in between and to either side of  these internal line areas and that will help make the radii smoother. There are also a few other tools you can use to get that perfect collar silhouette.

    Post on collar shape > Link


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