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Rib collar with a scan texture


  • pabloquintana

    Hi Silvia. There is one concept here that you need to consider when using scanned textures: seamless repeatability. When you put the scanned pattern inside CLO, you will see that the image starts repeating. Here is where the seamless property comes useful as you should not see any seams between the repeats.

    This property is generally made in a simple form within software like Photoshop, or in a more complex way Substance Designer. Check these two links below:

    Also, you could try to do it parametrically, meaning not scanning your fabric but using software to create the ribbed textures. These parametric textures are naturally seamless. This is more advanced. Let us know what do you think after reviewing the videos above.


  • ottoline

    One of the better software's for auto tiling textures and correcting parallax is Pixplant. It has the ability to tile in x and y axis or just in the linear axis (x) which is what a rib is.

    It has a simple toolset that allows you to correct lens distortion, rotation, and image stretch, and then a host of clone and editing tools that work with seed textures to make large areas of fabric repeat a breeze. You can also slave in the normal, depth and gloss maps to redefine a new texture.

    You also have to consider > is the pattern curved when you use a striped knit that is folded ?



  • silvialis

    I'm going to try everything, thank you very much for the videos and the Pixplant is downloading!

    you are the best!!


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