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  • pabloquintana

    It looks like you had the pieces inverted in the 3D Window. So, even though you merged the CF, in the 3D Window the CF edges were on the outside.

  • danielemanassero

    Have you tried to refresh the 2d position in the 3d viewport?

    Every time you change the geometry in the 2d window, if the simulation is off, the pieces in the 3d viewport looks weird, how much depends on the chance you made.

    Try to make something longer and yuo understand what I mean.

    When you rearrange the piece around the avatar everything will works fine.


  • mcass13

    pabloquintana THANK YOU! the pattern pieces were indeed inverted. Thanks for your quick reply for this newbie! :)

  • ottoline

    TIP - a Good workflow for avoiding pattern inversion and sewing inverted and mirrored pattern edges together,  is to use the Bounding volume arrangement points (Blue dots) around the avatar in the 3D window. Select your pattern piece, then click the blue dot near the avatar to automate the pattern positioning. This will always automatically orientate your patterns around the avatar in the correct face orientation. It also makes assembly simulation a little faster to do, as it curves patterns to the body shape so the sewing will simulate around limbs easily.


    Shading on the pattern piece (light grey facing out + dark grey facing inwards) in the 3D window denotes the pattern piece surface orientation when you have the 3D viewing window set to render surface textures mode.

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