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Property settings for the hardest fabric


  • danielemanassero

    Hi Rahul Verma this tutorial can help you to figure out some trick 

    In this video they set the first five fabrics values up to 99.


  • pabloquintana

    Hi rverma. Daniele comment is spot on for fabrics.

    For metallic or plastic trims and hardware I suggest you model them outside of CLO or buy them at places like or

  • ottoline


    Just use 'strengthen' to the pattern item (it will go orange) and it will become more rigid. Then apply the solidify to that item so it holds it's shape (you can then switch off strengthen) so you can still move it around and it will retain some flex but remain stiff.





  • Rahul Verma

    danielemanassero pabloquintana ottoline Thank you all for your suggestions!! I will try all of this. 

  • clotestafai

    How do you add items that you buy at or to CLO?

  • pabloquintana

    You import it as an avatar if you download the 3D models as OBJ.

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