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I MAKE A BUCKLE AND THE FABRIC GO troughs the buckle


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    CLO Designers

    The easiest way is to import the OBJ as an Avatar. When you've threaded the belt, reduce the Skin Offset.

  • pabloquintana

    Hi silvialis. I suggest you post this onto the Q&A Forums so you can get more replies. Is the buckle a trim or an avatar? If it is a trim, you have to glue the belt to the buckle. If it is an avatar, many more things will come in place. 

    Are you trying to add the buckle as a visual improvement to your belt or as a functioning buckle to hold the belt?



  • thomasg

    Why are the trims going through the fabrics, can you not make them solid so they don't go through fabrics?

    If you use avatar the trim does not move along with the fabrics, it is just in static position?

  • chinthaka123

    How can we solidify the buckle in order to make the fabric stay? 

  • trungngocsd

    silvialis Dear Bro, Could you share which software created the buckle?

  • daiana

    I have the same problem! Importing the .OBJ as an avatar creates another problem --> now the trim is static and doesn´t move.

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