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Problems when some parts of the suit are sewn


  • Componentes Larrosa SL
    The lines of the chest do not pay attention to him since I have them to make the zipper and I put them on purpose, I am interested in the lines that are sewn and are blue. Thank you.
  • pabloquintana

    Hello fran6757. I keep forgetting what are the blue lines, but my guess is that you have the Show 3D Seamlines option turned on in your 3D window. Check this page:




  • danielemanassero

    Hello frank6757, the blue lines are the baselines. You can turn them on or off in the 3d window by hitting the icon on the upper left corner of that window.
    I can check out now because I'm not at work and in Clo 5.0 the icons have been reorganized.

    If I remember right, it may be the fifth from left in the first row. If you hovering a few seconds over each icon the name will be shown.
    The one mentioned by Pablo is a couple of icons before and as the name says show the 3d seamline.

    Anyway, is always good to be curious and explore.
    Each icon has a little dot on the bottom left corner,  when this is grey out the action is off, if blue is on.
    With those icons, you can show or hide other detail of the garment like buttons, pins, bond, piping etc. Sometimes this is very useful, especially for the pins!!!


  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    Thank you pablo. You were right I had activated the Show 3D sewing lines option and I had to hide it.

    Thanks also Daniele, you also served me comment to solve my problem.

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