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Pattern being missing


  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! Is the Hood pattern a closed shape? If it is not, CLO cannot import it properly. Please try again after joining all points in AI :) 

    Please refer to the Case 3 in the troubleshooting manual.


  • dutchesse1

    Hi there Pranav,

    I ran into this issue before as well.

    When you import from Illustrator make sure all 'paths' are closed and have a fill. I have purchased many pdf pattern files that look import ready at first glance but when imported in CLO often have pattern parts missing. Most of the time the illustrator paths appear closed but when you super zoom in all the way to the points and move them, there are two disconnected points on top of each other.

    It takes a bit of cleaning time and very close zoom-ins of the path points in illustrator to check if it is indeed a closed path but once finished, you'll have a usable Master pattern file you can always refer back to :)

    Hope this info was helpful :)

  • anhle

    Hi all,

    You may be able to eliminate some of the guesswork if you try using the Shape Builder tool or Pathfinder window in Illustrator. They work well when points are overlapped but not closed. Once you get used to the tool, it's super helpful!


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