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3d scan of human.


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    You can definitely use your scanned 3D model as an Avatar in CLO. Any 3D model can be imported into CLO as long as they are in OBJ or FBX file format. However, the body mesh has to be "cleaned" (no holes or noises) so that garments can be fitted correctly. This means that some parts of the mesh may need to be "smoothed down" so that they do not catch on the fabric. Your 3D scan should preferably have some gaps between the body and the limbs (ie more space underneath the armpits, legs spread apart, etc) so that there is room for the fabric to simulate. 

    If your scan matches your specs and looks good to you, then all you have to do to is File > Import > OBJ or FBX to bring the model in. Then, take a look at this tutorial on how to set up Arrangement Points for custom Avatars. Let me know if you have any further questions! 

    Anh 😊

  • Permanently deleted user

    Adding on to Anh's answer, your 3D scanned model can be used in CLO just like other Avatars. In fact, you can create custom patterns with the Flattening tool with your custom avatar. However, please keep in mind that hair, accessories, poses, and motions provided in CLO library are not compatible with your custom avatar.

  • zhanart

    Hi everybody! The first thing you need to do with a scan is to process it. Remove all unnecessary and make less polygons, ease weight.
      You can do everything. And that the normal grid was, and that the avatar-scan had bones. And so that you can apply the poses, even those that are offered in the CLO.
    But this requires a lot of effort, in particular, good work skills, in other 3D programs for example, such as Maya,
    Motion Builder, WrapX, LookStailor...

  • cecilepeille

    Hi there, on this post I cannot find an agency or company that provide body scan and associated output in OBJ or FBX format. All seem to point towards the health industry and only provide the ability to open the body scan in an app - they don't provide the source file. I believe, as of Clo developers, that there is a huge potential for the fashion industry in that regard. Do you know a body scan company that provides digital format output in the appropriate format? ps: I live in Australia. Many thanks, Cecile

  • cecilepeille

    Ottoline I don't even live in the outback... but I admit this is a new field to me !

    Firstly, thanks for the detailed response and links.

    What I'm after is a real human body scan which I could use as input into CLO3D (so this is the second part of your response). I had already contacted mport prior to sending this post, as well as other similar companies that have booths scattered on the continent - there aren't that many around here to be honest. For all of them, their service is limited to providing the body scan via their app (visualization only)  and there is no export function available.

    I escalated it to their technical team and asked if I could get the output into an .obj or similar 3D mesh format (and pay for the extra effort), but at best they could provide an excel output of the processed measurements, not even point cloud. They said it was on their roadmap though. This was in February this year. Perhaps there is an opportunity for CLO3D to partner with mPORT on this, similar to Lectra/Gerber/Optitex with TC2:  I hope this is ok to suggest this directly on the forum - happy to help as I have their contact already.

    Meanwhile, any other comments would be appreciated as I'm really keen to do this process. I find the avatar editor extremely powerful but still limited, for example we cannot control the shape of the measurement ellipse (e.g. if we want the avatar to have 'deep' buttocks and narrow hips).

    All this said, I'm loving the software so far and coming from a numerical modelling background, I'm really impressed by its capabilities. 

    Thank you for your patience,


  • jialiu

    Hi all, 

    Hope this conversation can be continue, haha. 

    Just want to ask if anybody compare the accuracy of the body measurement between the imported 3D scanned body/mesh (measure by Tape tool in clo) and the real model's body measurement?

    Thank you!


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