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Add Arrangement Points to a Custom Avatar


  • innovativehjhj

    This is so cool! Thank you for sharing! But, I have a questions! How I do import my own avatars?

  • cindy

    First, you need an OBJ dummy.

    Hope this can help you ^ ^

  • allyshake

    If you Save the new avatar and its measurements can you then adjust it again, i.e. change the waste or height for example in the editor, or is that link lost once you delete the underlying default avatar you used to place the arrangement points?

  • Dita Varna

    Sorry if I might misunderstood the question, but unfortunately it is not possible to change the size of a custom avatar within CLO. The Avatar Editor works with CLO default avatars. In this process, the Avatar Editor is only used to adjust the default avatar and reset the Arrangement Points, so that they fit the custom avatar. 

  • allyshake

    Hi Dita, yes thats exactly what I meant. Seems you can only edit a Clo default avatar. I know from other feedback Clo are working on updating the avatar editor.

    Ideally you should be able to import your own avatar in a suitable format, set up its arrangement points and bounding boxes AND still be able to adjust the morphs in the Clo avatar editor.

    This, if it does become possible however, will mean the source avatar which you import will have to conform to certain default Clo morph targets.

    Notwithstanding, many 3D software programs allow for fully functional interchange of meshes including IK elements and bones for example such that they can still be morphed, and incidentally animated.

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