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3D arm wrap to 2d pattern for print?


  • danielemanassero

    Hello  cocooma yuo just need to create the graphic following the shape of the sleeve's pattern. It's kinda you unwrap the 3d model of the arm.
    In clo you can apply graphics very easily also adding normal, displacement, roughness ect maps to improve the overall rendering result.


  • falmouth

    If you have access to the 3D arm model, you could bake the 3d model of the arm to the sleeve mesh (project the details from one model to another). Might be more accurate than producing the illustration from the 2D images of the arm.


  • ottoline

    Because grading is generally a requirement and batch production is a downstream driver for making the digital asset become a real manufacturer garment I would be careful how you setup your patterns relative to the artwork from the outset of the project in this case as the joint between patterns and muscles artwork as they traverse the pattern points is going to be an obvious technical issue for all graded patterns. This is not a trivial issue as printing the registered artwork relative to pattern pieces and grading is you biggest technical issue at the front end of this project. A single pattern and artwork is simple, however making all artwork work across all graded garments may be less obvious in terms of consistency.

    So in this instance you may want to make a high quality digital artwork that also has bleed that works for the print to pattern layout error that will inevitably be a technical constraint for a quality transition across seams. You should use the digital model to simulate the possible artwork to pattern piece error that production may throw up, eg: machinist making the garment, and hence your artwork and you as the designer need to take this into account at the start of the project, as the artwork will need to take that into account at a creative level when you make the artwork.

  • cocooma



    Ok, thank you everyone, I will try see what I can do


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