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Automatic Rigging & Converter (ver 6.0)



Add joints or convert user data to CLO avatars and use CLO Avatar Editor.


Main Menu ▶Avatar ▶ Auto Convert to Avatar


  1. Select the too/menu indicated in Location.
    → Auto Convert to Avatar pop-up menu appears. 
    → The Auto Avatar Converter deletes all avatars in 3D window.
  2. After setting the options below, click the Convert button. 
    Menu Description
    Open the file to be converted Click the Open button on the right to load 3D dummy and scan files to be rigged and converted.
    Hands / Feet Set whether the avatar to be converted has hands/feet.
    Gender Set the gender of the avatar to be converted.
    Converted Output (AVT) CLO Skin Style
    The body shape of the original file is maintained and only the appearance is converted to a CLO avatar and joint points are added.
    ※ Note: When converting to the avatar, size editing is not possible. The CLO Avatar Size Editor automatically fits into a realistic body shape based on thousands of actual scanned data so it cannot keep the body shape of the original file.
    Rigging only
    Only the joint points are added while maintaining both the body shape and appearance of the original file.
    Convert to size editable avatar
    Change the CLO avatar body shape so that the size can be edited while maintaining the shape of the file to be converted and add joint points.. 
    ※Note: The conversion options below can be multi-selected and are compatible with the CLO avatar pose/motion provided in the Library after conversion.
    Save Click the Save button on the right and specify the path to save the converted avatar file.
    The file will be converted to an avatar with the options users set which may take 5-10 minutes.


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