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Create Custom Blocks


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Open Modular Template

Load and Place Patterns 

Sew Patterns and Block Boxes



Create a Block of a desired Garment and apply it to your design. 


Open Modular Template

Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor ▶ Modular Template Presets

Load and Place Patterns

Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor

Sew Patterns to Block Boxes

Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor



Open Modular Template 

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor ▶ Modular Template Presets

    → Modular Template Presets window appears.

  2. Select a desired Garment category and Modular Template type, click OK.
    → The selected Modular Template appears in the 2D window.

Load and Place Patterns
  1. With a Modular Template opened, follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor

  2. Add desired Garment files to place into the Block Boxes.

  3. From the added Garment files, click and drag the Patterns to the matching Block Boxes. 
    → The Patterns are linked into the Block Boxes and Block Boxes turn into dark grey.

  4. Sew Patterns to Block Boxes, then Simulate.

Sew Patterns to Block Boxes

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Modular Mode ▶ Block Editor

  2. Click on  Segment Sewing or  Free Sewing tool.

  3. Sew Patterns and Block Boxes.
    → Sewn parts of the Block Boxes turn into darker grey.

※ Note: 

  • Block Boxes are sewn together by default.

  • Patterns that are sewn alone (i.e. hems, sleeves or armholes of a sleeveless style) do not need to be sewn to Block Boxes.

  • Difference in length between the actual Patterns and the Block Boxes has no effect on the Simulation.

  • Rest of the principle is the same as the Simulation Mode.

  • To show Sewing Lines between Block Boxes and Patterns, activate the ____________.png Show Modular Sewing/Show Pattern Sewing tool. This tool is activated by default in the Modular Mode. Click it again to either hide or show all Sewing Lines. 



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  • Avatar

    Hi Erica, I've understand the basic of the modular mode,(place pattern into blocks and sew them to the blocks sides )  but I'm not able to add blocks and create, for example differente type of collar or sleeve and so on.
    There's a video somewhere that explain how to add blocks and eventually the final purpose of this mode?
    I thinks it can be swich quickly beetween different details of the same structure (collar, sleeves, or others ) that are previously create in modular mode.
    Am I right?

    Edited by danielemanassero
  • Avatar
    Dita Varna

    Hi danielemanassero,

    Yes you are right, once you set up the Modular Configurator, it allows you to quickly create 3D garments by just picking and combining different elements. This is very useful, for example, if you have styles that are solid and don't change much from season to season. You can easily pick the combination you want and experiment with different fabrics, prints, textures, trims etc. for the new seasons, without going through the whole process of building the actual 3D garment.

    As at the moment we don't have a video explaining Modular Mode in detail, I will try to give you a written insight in how to set it up and use it. Hopefully, this is helpful and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I would also highly suggest to look into the blocks included within the software, to see how they are set up, and how the naming is carried out.

    1. First step of building a Modular Configurator would be to create groups. For example, in our default blocks, included within the software, under Women's Jackets we have Groups - Double and Single. You create these groups by saving a Modular Template - .ZMDR files.

    2. How to save Modular Templates: Chose the Modular Template from the Modular Template Presets, then go to File -> Save As -> Modular. Choose the folder where you will keep all the Modular Configurator files (all files have to be within one folder), give the template a Name and a Thumbnail. Now you have saved a .ZMDR file. For each group you would have to save an individual .ZMDR file, even if the template is the same. If you would go to our default Blocks by hovering over a group you can see the name and the .ZMDR extension.
    *** I would first save the empty templates without a garment in them, update the Modular Configurator and then I would start adding the patterns.

    3. When you have saved the .ZMDRs for the groups you can start saving components.
    3a. Bring patterns into the blocks, do the sewing and simulate the 3D garment;
    3b. Then save each component - in the case of Women's Jacket we have Body_Front, Body_Back and Sleeves. You can
    save a component by going with your mouse on top of the image of the component (images above the 2D toolbar) and you will see Save icon appearing.
    3c. These files are saved with .ZBLC extension.

    4. When the base components are saved, you can save additional components for different types of collars. sleeves etc.

    5. Let's say you decide to add another sleeve option to a jacket. You should delete the old sleeve from the template, then you should bring in the other sleeve, or make it within CLO. Then you should do the sewing and simulate the jacket with the new sleeve. The last step - have to save the component of the sleeve. If the front and back is already saved as a component, you should only save the Sleeves component. Make sure you give the sleeve a different name, so you don't overwrite the sleeve option you already have.

    6. Then if you would go to the Modular Configurator in the right corner you can see a little "Update" icon. Once you press it your components should show up in the Configurator and you should be able to switch between the components you saved.

    Try it out, and let us know how it goes! :)

  • Avatar

    Thanks, Dita for taking the time to write all this. It's very kind of you.
    I'll try this week to follow all the process.
    I hope to show the results soon!

  • Avatar

    Hi Dita I did my first modular project thanks your help. :)
    Just a couple of things
    1st when I try to save a thumbnail it doesn't work, I use a .jpg format but I dont see any images on Clo
    2sd after saved a new box for the sleeve the body parte still freeze , because the body boxes are inactive, but when I acitivate the body boxes the sleeves box became inactive. How can I solve this?
    If a need a dress with boxes for the body part e boxes for the skirt part how can I do that?
    For now I solved the problem putting all the pieces in the body boxes, but I would change the skirt without have to redo the upper body.
    Thanks again.

  • Avatar
    Dita Varna

    Hi Daniele,

    1. Is this happening when you are saving the ZMDR files or components (ZBLC)? After adding the thumbnails, did you press the Update button in the Modular Configurator?

    2. When you save the component and want to unfreeze all the other components, you have to click on the selected component again (deselect it) and all the other components should be active.

    3. At the moment we don't have special presets for combining Top and Bottom within the Modular Mode. In this case your approach is right - adding the bottom in the body box is a workaround.

  • Avatar

    I solved the first point: the thumbnail image must be a .png file.
    I'm having another problem today.
    I created a new .ZMDR file for another style in the same way I did for the dress, but this time it doesn't work 100%.
    I saved empties boxes at first , and I see the new Group icon in the Modular configurator window on the left.
    Then I created the blocks for bodies part and sleeves part , but even after I press the button update, the icons of the created blocks don't appear as they do whitout any problem in my first Modular experience.
    I checked the path and everythings seems ok.
    To upload the blocks part, after I open the empty group, I have to go in the block editor window where the empties blocks appear and clic on the folder icon aside the block name and chose the ZBLC files I need.
    Any idea to solve this little problem?

    Edited by danielemanassero
  • Avatar

    Hi again, I want just to say that I solved the problem by deleting a modular conf file that has been created in the new style folder probably at the same time the ZMDR file is saved.
    I tried this solution because I noticed that in the default Modular template folder that file didn't exist.
    Now I can see all blocks icon I created.

  • Avatar

    Hi Dita -- is there a basic skirt modular template? I am having trouble figuring out how to get started with a basic A-line skirt design. Thanks. Ilise

  • Avatar

    @ilise, unfortunately, we do not have modular template for A-line skirt. However, if you visit our Marketplace, you can purchase patterns for the basic a-line skirt. Thanks!

  • Avatar


    I did the creation of the modules in the way that Dita described, but if I create a style from my modules. the sleeves are not sewn into the body. What is wrong. I use the Version5.1.
    Thanks Monika