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Run V-Ray Render



V-Ray Render has been added to CLO in ver4.0.0, producing more vivid and sophisticated images with clear seamlines and puckerings.


Main Menu ▶ Render ▶ Render

Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ Window ▶ Render


  1. Select the too/menu indicated in Location. 

    → The Render window appears.

  2. Click on the interactive_render.png Interactive Render tool from the Render toolbar or click on the following direction,"Click here to start the Interactive Render," at the center of the Render window to start the real time render.
    → The 3D Garment and Avatar in the 3D window are rendered in real time, reflecting the 3D view.
    → Any changes made to material properties are applied to the Render window in real-time when the Interactive Render is active.

  3. To temporarily stop the render, select the stop_render.png Stop Render tool from the Render toolbar.
    → The render stops temporarily.

  4. To restart the render, please select the interactive_render.png Interactive Render tool again. Or, to finish the render and extract the rendered image, click on the final_render.png Final Render (Image/ Video) tool.
    → The final render image is saved according to the render properties, light properties, and image/ video properties.



  • The image appears in the Render window is a preview, whereas the final render image is a high quality image saved after configured render, light, and image/ video properties are fully applied.

  • Any changes made to meshes including Topstitch styles' Specification are not applied to the Render window in real-time even when the Interactive Render is active.

  • Adjust the preview screen to 100% or Fit in the render window by clicking the button at the bottom left. (ver 6.1)



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