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Edit V-Ray Light Properties



Configure the light properties for the final render image.



Render Toolbar ▶ light_properties.png Light Properties ▶ Property Editor 


  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.
    → The light properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Refer to the below table and edit the light properties as needed.
    ※Note:  It is recommended to use only necessary lights as the number of lights increase, the render speed may slow down.
    Option Description
    Overall Intensity/Color Adjust the intensity and color of the light.
    Activate Activate or deactivate the light.
    Show Show or hide the light.
    Dome Light  Environment Map Load an Environment Map.
    Environment Map refers to light settings processed as an image (HDR).
    Light Angle Adjust the angle of the light shines on Avatars.
    Rectangle Light
    (Three-Point Light)
    Width/ Height Adjust the width and height of the Rectangle Lights.


    * To create a three-dimensional render image, there must be a key light. Add key lights as needed to create more dynamic images.

    * When the Rectangle Lights are used along with the Dome Light, generally, a Rectangle Light is used as a key light. Thus, when using Rectangle Lights in combination with the Dome Light, use a HDRI image without a bright spot which acts as a key light.

    Sphere Light Radius Set the radius of the Sphere Light.
    Spot Light Cone Angle Adjust the angle of the Spot Light. The higher the value is, the wider the light area is.
    Penumbra Angle Adjust the penumbra angle. The higher the value is, the blended the light is.
    Shadow Radius Adjust the sharpness of the shadow. The higher the value is, the blended the shadow is.
    IES Light    IES File Load an IES light file.
    An IES file stores the data of the brightness and shape of the actual light in real-life.
    Intensity (lm) Specified: The light intensity of the file is applied as-is.
    Custom: Adjust the light's intensity as needed.
    Ground Shadow
    (ver 5.2)
    Show or hide shadows on the ground.

※Note: Use the Open, Save buttons on the top of the Property Editor to save, open, and reuse the setting.



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    Is it possible to add a light or two to make studio mode even better?