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Can I cancel my subscription?


  • oleg95

    Hey. I used the trial period. I deleted the program, but maybe my subscription was saved, please tell me, they will not take money from me if I do not use the program more. In the order and license section, I do not have completed data and bills.. sorry for foolish questions.

  • CLO Support

    Hi, you won't be auto-renewed after the trial ends. :)

  • jhl1

    Hi John.
    Do you work for CLO 3D?

    I have the same question as oleg95 (submitted on May 01, 2020)

    I used the trial period only. I then deleted the program.
    The FAQ instructions for unsubscribing, instruct the user to do the unsubscribing on the 'Order' page, but there is nothing on the Order page, (in my account), to enable any way of submitting a request to cancel my subscription and any pending fees.

    Please tell me I will not be billed or liable for any future billing/fees, as I no longer have the program in my computer.

    Note to oleg95 - NO question is foolish when an answer is not available or clear .

  • CLO Support

    Hi jhl1,

    I am from CLO support team.

    Yes, you won't be charged as your trial is not connected to the auto payment. Moreover, as you didn't subscribe to CLO, there is nothing on your Order page.

    To receive better supports, I highly recommend you to use Contact Us. :)

  • pepo

    hi - are projects saved after cancelling subscription, so If subscribing again after a period of time would those be available??

  • modarevise

    Hi - I won't be using CLO for about the next 6 months & want to know if once I cancel my license, however temporarily, can I easily reactivate it once I'm ready to start using it again?

  • dozorovamaria

    Help me figure out my license renewal. After the end of the 30-day trial license, I decided to renew my student license, and when I entered my credit card information, the site crashed and I could not pay for anything. The money was not debited from the card and I decided to try to pay again, which resulted in a warning Alert
    You have already purchased a license.
    And in his personal account he writes that everything has been extended until February 14, 2021, but there is no access to the program.

  • ttaylor03

    I cancelled my subscription but CLO continues to charge my care each month. Each month I have to go in an cancel. What gives. I want to cancel the subscription in its entirety. What is the process? How do I remove my credit card information so I will stop getting charge? This is frustrating. I getting charged for services I am not using.

  • ixonepr

    Hello! I have a clo subscription, but have been given a code to use as payment. Do I have to unsubscribe from my subscription and sign up again to use it? Thank you

  • dariapermina

    Hi there. I press the "Cancel Subscription" button, but it doesn't work. I need to cancel my CLO subscription before the 5th of December before it will charge me. Thank you.


  • anastasia1007

    Hello! I have purchased a clo subscription, but I want to cancel and get money back. How can I do this procedure? Thank you

  • ecassierhsi

    I canceled my subscription in March but I was just charged again.  I have canceled for April but I want confirmation that it worked.  Once I canceled under the "Billing Details" page, I went to the "Account" page to "delete account" but it will not let me.  Please fix this so I don't continue to get charged.

  • ranosha

    здравствуйте, мне необходимо на два месяца отменить подписку . Кнопка "отменить подписку не работает


  • US Designer Support

    Hi ranosha

    please email us directly from our Contact us page.

  • c5678

    I am only want to cancel, please 

  • kklo8


    I have been trying to get assistance after I have signed up for a monthly subscription. 

    2 days ago I started my paid subscription as my free trial has ended. I followed the instructions, made my payment, downloaded the program and tried to sign in. But a message comes up saying "your free trial ended, please download and subscribe". Then I try to download again and it says that I am already subscribed. 

    It is a repeating cycle. I have conytactyed the help several times and so far no reply. 

    Please let me know what to do.