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Can I cancel my subscription?



Can I cancel my subscription?



Recurring subscription can be canceled from the Order page.
If you decide to cancel any recurring payments, the remaining time on your subscription will not be affected.

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    Hey. I used the trial period. I deleted the program, but maybe my subscription was saved, please tell me, they will not take money from me if I do not use the program more. In the order and license section, I do not have completed data and bills.. sorry for foolish questions.

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    Hi, you won't be auto-renewed after the trial ends. :)

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    Hi John.
    Do you work for CLO 3D?

    I have the same question as oleg95 (submitted on May 01, 2020)

    I used the trial period only. I then deleted the program.
    The FAQ instructions for unsubscribing, instruct the user to do the unsubscribing on the 'Order' page, but there is nothing on the Order page, (in my account), to enable any way of submitting a request to cancel my subscription and any pending fees.

    Please tell me I will not be billed or liable for any future billing/fees, as I no longer have the program in my computer.

    Note to oleg95 - NO question is foolish when an answer is not available or clear .

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    Hi jhl1,

    I am from CLO support team.

    Yes, you won't be charged as your trial is not connected to the auto payment. Moreover, as you didn't subscribe to CLO, there is nothing on your Order page.

    To receive better supports, I highly recommend you to use Contact Us. :)