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Seam Taping


  • danielemanassero

    It is possible to customize the seam tape's default value ? If yes how?
    thanks :)

  • Permanently deleted user

    You can open pre-saved .zfab file to Seam Taping.
    Please click the Seam Tape > Navigate to Property Editor > Seam Taping > Preset. On its right, you can find an button with a folder icon. Click and button, and select the desired .zfab file from the saved location.
    (Please refer below link to learn how to create a .zfab file)

    If you don't have a .zfab file, you can manually adjust fabric properties under Detail option.

  • danielemanassero

    Thanks @Erica,
    My question wasn't so clear I guess from your answer.
    I apologize
    I would change the default hight value ( 10 mm) to the one I use most ( 5 mm) and save it as my default value.
    I noticed that the 10 seam tape tend to ruin the edge where it's applied.
    ps thanks for the coup

  • Permanently deleted user

    Oh!! :( Sorry for the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the default value cannot be changed and saved at this moment :(
    However, I will get our UX team's attention on this request!