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3d scan of human.
Fabric virtualization
Using 3rd Party Avatars in CLO
New to the forum? Introduce yourself!
Avatar and fabric interfer with each other
Lyrical digressions
How to Express Falbala
lacing on clothes
Visiting the forum by users.
Drafting patterns with body measurements
How to make a round shoulder straps
Making basic female bodice block ( no darts ) pattern
Flattening Test 🤩
How to use Washing_Texture provided in CLO effectively.
Beginners guide
How to make a bag LOUIS VUITTON
Making bindings to show the effect of folding sleeve/hem/collars
CLO3D Suggestions
Knitted clothes
We can make Avatars to look like mannequins!
Increasing Avatar's Bust/Cup Size
Add Arrangement Points to a Custom Avatar
Express Trims not Provided by CLO via Patterns
Your Favourite 4.0 Feature
Express Trims not Provided by CLO via Texture Image
Greetings to everyone on the new site!
How to Write a Post in Community
How to Write a Post in Community
Product Feedback Guidelines
CLO Community Guidelines