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  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    Is there a list of all clo3d hot keys (default)?

  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    Hello!  Can I export a stress/strain/fit map on a garment as an OBJ? Or another option, can a stress/strain/fit map be captured somehow on the garment, like a "print" and then exported as OBJ? Than...

  • maura2782 hizo un comentario,

    Same issue; Mixamo/Clo with black color/no texture on avatar  Version 6.1.422

  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    I accidentally overwrote and saved my original CLO avatars with some updates (hair/shoes).  Now I cannot upload use in Maximo - they upload all black.  How can I reload the original un-edited avata...

  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    Hi - is it possible to export ONLY the BOM information (not including pattern pieces, trims, stitching, etc)? (Not export>BOM(XML) function)

  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    Is there an easy way to convert the dotted internal line to sew line on an imported DXF file?  I manually trace each piece to "trace as pattern" but it takes so long on more complex styles.  (image...

  • maura2782 creó una publicación,

    In render using an HDRI environment; I scale up my avatars to match the size of the environment, that works great.  But then I can only see the "close up" version of the avatar in the render window...