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How to zoom/pan/move around in render mode with HDRI environment?


  • ottoline

    You can change the camera settings. And you can also rotate the HDRI independent of the lighting and camera view.

    CLO3D works by default at 'human scale' this means the scene is set with all the defaults to work with the basic avatar at human size. If you scale the avatar to work with your HDRI it's maybe thrown your scale out relative to the 'human scale' defaults and you will have to manually adjust them all - which means unless you know how all the settings interrelate at this set scale - you could be in for a world or hurt trawling the manual to reset things. So I would not do that, what you should maybe do is reset your HDRI and it's scale (and pixel quality) and any image plates to work with the 'human scale' ratio instead. Much better for continuity and efficiency. 

    There is simple free software to do that like fspy where you simply load in your avatar and HDRI or plates and it reads the camera lens etc and you can set your camera position, and any incoming avatar scale scene scale etc that is maybe a better approach. I tend to keep all my CLO3D world scenes in a common template at human scale with a standard HDRI setup and never really have a problem.

    Maybe check out that free software as a way to setup your world scene and all your image plates. Far better then you will have continuity no matter what image scale you have coming in and do some exciting things like ground plane shadow catching etc, as you now have a dedicated software tool to set that all up correctly and handle the initial camera lens, scene and HDRI position in one tool.

    Hope that helps.

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