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  • lorna12456 creó una publicación,

    Hi there, All my garment files are regularly crashing and im not sure why. I have a Dell G5 Large memory, Use Nividia 2060RTX, i7, if this info helps! My files are not that large around 1.2MB to 2M...

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    Hello guys, Does anyone know of any Manufacturers that use CLO 3D in the UK, to create my designs, prototypes and samples? Many thanks L

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    Hi Carl, I'm a little late to the discussion, 3 years! :( I was hoping to get a bit of advice about how you got into teaching Clo3D? I'd love to start teaching others within different sectors; fas...

  • lorna12456 creó una publicación,

    Hi, One of my pattern pieces is not loading in CLO 3D. All the other parts did, but weirdly enough this one didnt: TOP BACK File Attached 3 AI files of the same thing Not sure why! Can you help? Th...