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  • CLO Designers

    Hi lovechris,

    - For now, remove any fold angles (back to 180°) and folding attempts back to the start, then:

    - Are the seamlines from lapel to facing set to Turned? This will make the pattern pieces lie flat on top of each other, as if ironed into place in real life.

    - Strengthen the pattern pieces and simulate. This will even them out and give them temporary stiffness. It will be much easier to fold this way:

    - Try folding again.

    Let us know if it works!

  • lovechris

    Hi there, 

    I followed what you suggested here, but it quite did not turn out properly.  I strengthened both panels, but once I unstrengthened to simulate on 3d, everything goes back to  crinkled.  Is there other ways to fix this?



  • CLO Designers

    Hi lovechris,

    As far as I understood your steps: Do not remove the strengthening until after the simualtion has processed the folding and calmed down, as seen here:

    If it still doesn't work, could you share a recording of your steps here via the contact us page? Please link to this thread for our reference.

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