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  • CLO Designers

    Hi virginiamilan

    when exporting a .plt files are you checking the size measurements the files is being exported at and then imported at later? And have you checked our recommended Plotter specs HERE

    We also have a tutorial which goes over how to print for home printers HERE

  • virginiamilan

    HI! Yes, I followed all the tutorials, but it seems that the service that prints the patterns for me does not read the .pdf and .plt formats but only . hpgl. When they try to print the .plt file it comes out like this.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi virginiamilan

    The file type you have mentioned is not compatible/ exportable from CLO. You can find a list of file types supported by CLO HERE

    So you would need to find a service that your convert .pdf or .plt from CLO into your the necessary file type .hplg

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