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Compatible File Format


  • vandersimon

    I want to import my APEX file SCPPP or SCPPT files into clo, also have Design a Knit Files anyone know to do this?

  • saeideh

    I want to import 2d pattern from Autocad software . but Clo doesnt recognize the dxf file which created by autocad. same issue I m facing when I export the file to PDF in autocad. could you please let me know the solution .

  • bbnnhmk

    Hello, every time I try exporting an Alembic (OGAWA) file, the software crashes immediately. Can this issue please be fixed? (I have a windows laptop)

  • germainedenigris

    Is it possible to download the fabric files (z.fab) as .png? Or is there another way to make them export/importable with DC Suite?

  • mad20

    Hello, how to export Texture files? There isn't this option in Files- Export section.