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CLO Fabric Kit


  • CLO Designers

    Hi brbli

    we have a tutorial for the fabric kit HERE

    For any further questions about the Kit we recommend reaching out to your CLO representative directly 

  • brbli

    Thanks for the link to the tutorial, this information is not included there. Neither in the video nor in the CLO Fabric Kit Manual.
    The questions listed above are important to me and I would be very happy for your answer. 
    I will measure the thickness of the fabric with our laboratory gauge and I would like to use the same measurement conditions as your device.
    I need the above listed size of the bending tester so that I can recalculate the length of the strip using the modified Sommer method, if I know the bending stiffness of the fabric.
    You recommend me reaching out to my CLO representative directly. Who is my CLO representative? My university? Unfortunately we don't have CLO Fabric Kit at the university. You are my kind CLO support, that's why I'm asking you.

    Ps.: I miss something like a scientific manual with your software (as e.g. the Plaxis has - I know it's software from a completely different area, but the manuals are amazingly processed )

    Thank You again and I apologize for my imperfect English

  • CLO Designers

    Hi brbli

    For the CLO Fabric kit it is only currently available for Enterprise users and we cannot answer questions about it without you already having one. If your University chooses to purchase of for the school in the future they would then be able to reach out to CLO for Fabric Kit support. But we cannot answer beyond that 

    As an Individual User we recommend using the newly released Fabric Creator in 7.3. This has been designed for people who do not have a fabric kit. You can find an article HERE about how to use it

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