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Seeking Expertise: Replicating Crease Folds in a K-Way Windbreaker Render


  • CLO Designers

    Hi startyourengine,

    Sorry for the confusion, but these sentences are not clear to me : "The thickness is set at 0.06mm, but it doesn't appear in the render. It appears tick."

    0.06mm is a very low thickness, did you wish to make the fabric fine or thick?

    Is the thickness applied to the fabric, the pattern pieces, or via a Displacement Map (to achieve the wrinkles/crinkling/creasing)? Or is there only a Normal Map applied?

    What is the Add'l Thickness Collision of the pattern pieces?

    (An unrelated hint, the zipper in CF looks shifted (right side from our view is longer than the zipper tape).)

  • startyourengine

    Thank you for the response! I understand the confusion and I'm sorry about that. The goal is for the fabric to be thin and crinkly like the garment to be reproduced. The fabric I have chosen is an sbsar file that comes from vmod. I hope it is the right fabric. It includes a displacement map.


    (I can see the shift on the zipper, first thing to correct once I get home. Thanks for the hint.) 




  • CLO Designers

    Hi startyourengine,

    To mimic the look on the photo, I would try scaling the displacement map to be larger.

    As for apparent thickness:

    - Can you check your fabric thickness?

    - Make sure there is no Add'll Thickness Rendering added to any pattern pieces.

    - The clearest result will be achieved in high resolution settings (PD = 5, Add'l Thickness Collision = 1). Otherwise, any air buffers in between pattern pieces might give a puffier look.

    - In case there's any connecting seamline around hems/edges, make sure they're set to turned:


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