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clo 7.1 new zipper - zipper teeth do not export - export issue


  • csiv

    I'm having the same problem. Can anybody help?


  • CLO Designers

    For now, it is only possible to use the zipper in CLO.  Because when you select the zipper to export as OBJ, you're actually selecting only the tape and not the teeth (which is why you could only see the tape in third party software).
    A workaround is to use a texture and add it to your zipper to give the illusion of zipper teeth.
    You can also find OBJ files of one zipper tooth and work with them. They are located in your CLO default assets folder (CLO > Assets > Materials > Hardware and Trims > Zipper > Tape).

  • remsuky

    thanks for the response Clo!

    is there any chance this feature to export with the 3D teeth can be incorporate into a Clo software update?


    one thing i love about clo is the many different creative ways people use it, and it's a feature i would love to see. 

    its currently a bit of a hassle/time consuming to have to rebuild zipper teeth components in a 3d software, when everything was neatly done in clo :)


      it's also one feature i've most wanted since getting clo (there are many people across reddit/forums who wish for this zipper function export too)


    thanks and all the best!




  • CLO Designers

    We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the new feature. We are always looking to expand future versions of CLO and your request has been noted.

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