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problem with NVIDIA DRIVER for CLO3d


  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    manuelaboero Thank you for reaching out. Based on the information you sent, our technical support team thinks that the Nvidia graphics card driver is not recognized properly, or not installed properly, after Windows update. 
    Here's a suggested workaround:

    1. Complete Windows Update. A restart may be required.
    2. Install the latest driver through administrator privileges.
    3. If this is installed properly, you should see the Nvidia Control Panel with a lot more settings.
  • manuelaboero

    Thanks, but I have just installed the latest driver and it hasn't changed nothing, I tested Studio Driver and GRD ,  and I also tried the older Clo3D 6.0.560 and the newest Beta Clo3D 6.1 

    I also tried to install CLO in a new PC with the same properties of mine but I have the same problem with CLO.ù


  • CLO TechSupport


    Seems like a complicated problem. For deep investigation please send us your dxdiag.txt file via Contact us.

    Open and run DxDiag.exe