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I follow the other video tutorial to learn Clo 3D.  I saw their screens had full tool bar with about 20 tools displaying in each 2D & 3D windows, but i only had 2/3 of it.  I tried to searched in Clo site to get a solution.  The support member provided a solution for it and it worked well by  selecting  " User > Library > ....". 

But Where is "USER" ?

I could only see "User Setting" after going trough all drop down manu.


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CLO Designers

Hi milly2021

I hope you are well. 

You can customise your Toolbar preference by going to Settings --> User Settings --> User Interface, from here you can change the position of your toolbar. From 6.1 on the default is set to Left and Right. however, you can change these settings to your preference. If you would like to see all your tools individually you can Ungroup the Tools.

I hope this helps. 

Take care.

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