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  • isabelcrosby2

    You shouldn't be using internal lines as your sew lines. In 3D your pattern edge is your sew line and if you want to add seam allowance for printing, then you can use the seam allowance tool in the 2D tool bar. But to answer your question about internal lines, you need to select the pattern edge and then when you move it the internal line will move with it. But unfortunately, when you select inside of a closed internal shape, it only selects that shape, not the whole pattern. I hope that makes sense.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi vitav,

    Just like what isabelcrosby2 mentioned. If you select the internal line (in wine color) only, you can only move the internal shape but not the whole pattern.

    To move the whole pattern, make sure you are selecting the outline (in black color). You will see the whole pattern is selected with yellow color hits. Then you can move it.



    Other tips:

    When importing the pattern file in CLO, you can check the option "Swap Cutting Line and Sewing Line" to maintain the sewing lines only for 3D garments.

    To know more about 2D Pattern (DXF) Import, please see HERE.

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