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  • keyframing

    (Bump), any word on this ? Interested to see if we can record the simulation process as well.

  • ottoline

    These are just simple workflow edit states, save a history state and record those animation steps in history. It's as simple as that.


    Any history state or project or garment can be saved out during a workflow, hence if the poly count and vertex order does not change you have a loadable morph model, from one work flow state to the next. A 5 minute setup.

  • RosemeierMeyer GbR

    Can somebody please describe this process for the total rookie? I'm not able to record the transition of my garment between two different history states. When I record a step in history it's only a slightly moving resp. nearly static garmet.

    An enlightment is very appreciated.

  • hellomel

    I'm having a similar issue. When I try to record a history state, the previous recording is deleted. Anyone any tips?

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