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Clo 6.0 breaks shoes


  • ottoline

    That sounds like a weight map interpolation issue, maybe use a new weight map to fit the shoes to the new avatar base mesh, that is generally very easy to do using a voxel (Volume) based algorithm (blender has free addons for this) that allow you to transfer the model and weights so they can be rigged again automatically via a batch script. That is how I redo my style prop collection of assets (30,000+ items) in my library so they always work with any MD/CLO3D upgrades, (I can even do this for fully adjustable clothing garments for auto-grading) just batch them out overnight after setting up any base mesh rig changes. That way you future proof any assets that sit in your wardrobe library, and only need to use a single node graph map to capture the workflow as part of maintaining your wardrobe assets or back catalog of assets. If you use many software's for fashion props this is almost a must have pipeline capability for when things go - bang on fitting. That way you are always in control and can fit to any new or custom avatar. >>> And maybe this is what or how CLO3D should set up their approach to updates for all avatars props so it's easy to correct the back catalog of prop items that do sit in the CLO3D library so this doesn't occur in future for users whom don't have this capability inhouse. (nudge - wink).


  • ap3288

    HI Ottoline, I do very intersting about your suggestion how we can improve or upgrade our assets library for every future MD/CLO3D upgrades! I'm not a expert really don't understand can you please teach us how to do using a voxel (Volume) based algorithm can do the trick?

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