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  • nikpy01
    Hello! Just started working at CLO. can you tell me where you get the lace or use standard CLO fabrics without lace
  • ottoline

    You need to have a range of lace fabrics and trim (edging etc) they could come from a number of sources, or you can use digital simulation (knit/lace) software to create them as simulations.


    You can digitize most laces samples to use as cloth textures (very easy to do) and you can also simulate the weave/yarn very realistically these days. So you can use either approach to get your lace textures into fabric and trim to use in a design.



    Below a trim simulation closeup.


    And once you have it in you can re-synthesize it and change it to any colorway.


    So it depends what lace samples you want to combine together to make the final garment design.



    The other great trick for lace is to hand draw the weave into artwork, like they used to do in Victorian times using a lace grid paper, and convert that into 3D using simple normal processes in digital tools . I often do that for many of my laces as it gives a nice organic feel to the weave and is pretty fast. I use the same approach for converting line work into buttons for example (see below ).


    Below how line artwork can be converted into surface height > you can do the same for lace sketching to get a derivative CG simulation (right image below) to give the lace shape, which saves a huge amount of time as opposed to modeling it in.


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