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Customised long hair


  • ottoline

    No - you cannot adjust hair from the property editor. You can place a fixed surface shape 'wig' hair model onto the avatar from the library, and it will sit in the correct position when the model (avatar) is animated or posed however it is simply a model of hair 'bang' surfaces with no real simulation outside of a fixed prop.


    To modify or create a new custom hair model you would use an external modeling and texture application. The 100% free blender would do this easily - but the learning curve for blender can be steep, however the good news is it has perhaps the best access to free videos and many users whom could maybe do this work for you. So I would 'leg' it over to the blender forum or discord channel and ask a question there if someone is willing to generate some hair for you - or if you have time, go on the that journey yourself.  It's a common need for avatar customization, so it's a skill that dovetails nicely into using CLO3D.



  • pabloquintana

    amfiai, hair is not an easy task. You can find freelancers on Upwork that can make it for you. Most likely you will find people that can easily relate to Marvelous Designer, so when they test the hair it will import correctly into CLO.

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