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Trying to make a bra strap and simulation not working properly


  • danielemanassero

    hi nadiaking

    It seams you've already done everything properly.
    Sometime I got that crazy pieces when they were strenghtened and particular distance around 2 or when they had the solidify applied.

    If I rember correctly in the tutorial both the skin offset and the thickness collision are lowered after everything is in place  and stable.


  • nadiaking

    Hi Daniele, 


    Thanks for for help. I tried again using a particle distance of 3 instead of 2. I also made sure I did not strengthen or solidify anything and edited the offset and thickness collision after everything was in place. Unfortunately the same thing keeps happening so think it might be a glitch in the new updates. 

    For now I will just add the sliders at the very end of my garment and not re-simulate before rendering. I'd love to know if this issue ever gets resolved. I will keep experimenting and let you know if I figure out a way to make it work too. 


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