Arm sleeves different on each arm

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I am trying to fit my garment on my avatar's arms, it fits ok on one side but not at all on the other. I copied and pasted the same sleeve, so I'm not sure why its doing this. Also, does anyone know how to make fabric less stiff?

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Hello, usually is good to start using the defaul fabric, that rarely has problem with simulation..

For this t-shirt you can use a cotton rayon jersey.

Being so thight the sleeve must be placed very closed to the arm.

I will try to delete the left sleeve in the picture and duplicate the right one. it will come already sewed , now move it, carefully, in the correct position and simulate.

Sometime is good to sew only the first upper 10 cm of the inside sleeve seam, simulate, so the sleeve will end in the right position then finish the sewing, in a couple of steps.

You can also use the selct mesh(box) tool to move the portion of the sleeve in the right position and then simulate.

In this case it will solve the problem. mybe in two steps

On Clo YouTube channel you can find tutorial about this issue.  

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