How to create topstitched eyelet for belts.

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First, create the png image of the topstitch.

You can start from the Clo default topstitch image. Open it on a graphic software( I used Photoshop) 

Rotate the image 90° and reset the frame dimension to match the vertical position ( you basically have to exchange the vertical-horizontal values)

With the image in the vertical position, draw the horizontal pieces of topstitch. ( I copied and pasted a small portion of the original and made some adjustment)

Save this file as png with the name you want.

Back to Clo add a topstitch choose as type: texture and add the texture assigned the png file you've saved.

Create a hole in your belt pattern drawing an internal circle (an 8 mm diameter works fine in my case), convert it to a hole ( select, right-click>convert to hole from the dropdown menu)

Assign the this hole. 
The topstitch setup must be adjusted according to the pattern properties.
For example, the render thickness value impacts the way the topstitch looks like.
Just play with the topstitch setup ( offset, thread until you obtain the result you want)
Tip: the hole's curvature geometry setup as an impact on the final result. In the pictures below it is turned off.


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