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  • vadsura

    Hi Dorelle.
    I have known Clo since the first release. What can this change?
    1. You can choose the name for the file and the save path yourself. There is no need to change anything.
    2. Zfab consists of two components: texture and physical properties. A fabric with the same texture can have different properties and vice versa. There are different buttons to save. This is convenient when you need to add cuffs with different properties on the product.
    You don’t need to change anything.
    3. I described above, zfab has 2 components. You don’t need to change anything.
    4. Use the same units in the 3D editor and in the clo. You will never have problems with scale. Usually, problems arise for users of 3dsmax where the default is mm, and they export to cm, then import to cm. I set cm in all 3d editors and I have no problems with scale.

    5. At this point I support you, you need a more rigid fabric, so that it does not bend at all, only along the internal line. In the younger versions there was a leather belt setting, in my opinion it was more rigid than now.

    6. Maybe you use a scan with a large number of vertices. Try first to convert to avatar.
    And I have a wish to the developers. After converting, losing all sizes and the ability to adjust. It would not be bad that the avatar had the ability to adjust the size after the avatar was made from a scan.

    7.This problem is easily solved. I saved the default light preset, and 2 more basic my own presets. I repelled by them if I want to reconfigure the light. I advise you to do the same. Nothing to change. Just add a few more light sources, 3 little sources.



  • dorelle22

    Adding to this post.  - Why does the Binding only got on the over side or underside...? What if you have binding on both sides - This is not achievable 

  • danielemanassero

    Hi dorelle, I agree with your last statement and I wish they can develop a kind of reversed U profile that runs along the line.
    I will try an elliptical shape for the binding profile with the possibility to put topstitches on both sides. 

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