ver 5.0.214

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I work in this version 12 hours. With some intervals of time. During this time, the program fell 6-7 times. Good thing is autosave. Error report went 1 time. I installed the new version, on top of the old one. Maybe it was necessary to first remove the old one? How to update the program? Do I need to delete the old version?



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Hi Vad, I installed this version this morning and it takes an unusual time to finish the process.

I haven't any crashes for now, just he impression it is a little slower than the previous.

I always install the new version whitout unistall the old one.

I think this is not a problem, each version has is own folder.

I wonder they can, one day, just upgrade the files that are changed and keep the old ones that are ok.

This could speed up the whole process and we don't have to copy avatar, poses and all personal stuff we have created in the previous versions.

Do you agree?


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Hi, Daniel, I used to install the same on top of the old one, especially if the settings and shortcuts are saved.
But in one of the versions, the render fell, while others worked fine.
After a clean installation, the render began to work well.

Apparently, Clo was scared that I would reinstall it, until the end of the day it no longer fell. ;)))

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