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Garment passed through each other


  • pabloquintana

    Hello Beer. Please share an image so we can be able to assist.


    Are you using GPU or CPU simulation?



  • danielemanassero

    Hi Beer, as Pablo pointed out, with the 5.0 GPU simulation that can happen and generally speaking, CPU simulation solves the problem.

    Have you tried to use the layers to simulate your garment? Layer 1 for the outside, layer 0 for the inside, simulate then when the simulation is stable turn it off and reset all the layer to 0.

    I use the layer clone feature, under or over, ( actually, more for simulation of the padded garments) or if a need to mock-up the lining color or texture I set up a different color texture for the fabric.

    Select the fabric, go to the panel property and untick the" use the same material as the front" option, then you can use a different color and texture.
    Most of the time in the render there isn't a great difference.

  • Beer

    Here is the snapshot from my project Thx Pablo and Daniele for answering me i will try what u suggest and update the result :)

  • danielemanassero

    Hi beer , for this case you can try to use the Select Mesh (Box) tool (3rd icon from left in 3d window) ,select the black area( it'll turn green) and push in or out the selection and then simulate.
    For small part is better to set up the mesh to 5 form the beginning , that makes the mesh more dense and prevent the problem.

    Quite often is better make the selection on the 2d window, so you can select the right layer. Click on the piece make a blue dot appear in the 2d window so you can be sure which pieces must be selected.

    I hope this help.


  • Beer

    Problem solve now thank u guy very much really helpful. I use Layer and CPU simulation + add rendering thickness with a bit pinning also set some small part with 5 for particle distances

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