How to create a simple faux-fur hat!

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Hi everyone,

In this tutorial I will show you how to create this hat and manage the new fur fabric.

You can find the video here: 



Here are some explanations on the fur material:

The fur material is based on the physiology of real hair.

 Melanin value of 0 indicates white, and 1 indicates black. 

(0.1-0.2 blonde,0.3-0.4 red, 0.5-0.8 brown)

Pheomelanin adds red tone to fur.

The pheomelanin amount will have no effect if the melanin is set to 0.

To create dyed hair:

Melanie level is set at 0 and then a color is added. You can also use a texture for that.


Shininess can be adjusted with glossiness, glossiness boost, and softness.

These three things have almost the same role.

Glossiness boost can be useful for reproducing the effect of shiny coating on rough looking fur.

Softness Controls the overall softness of the fur by how much the highlights are wrapped around the individual fur strands.


The length and thickness are self-explanatory.

The bend indicates the degree of bending of the fur.

And the taper will make each strand thinner in its upper end and wider in its base.

Density: the high the value the more fur is generated (a value between 1 and 2 is sufficient).

This will increase significantly your render time, use it carefully.

Fur strands are rendered as several connected straight segments.

Generally, 8 is enough, but you may have to use 16 or larger.

The longer the fur, the greater the bend.

Length and Thickness variance add variation to the corresponding parameter.

Values range from 0.0 (no variation) to 1.0.


 Curl radius and curl number are self-explanatory:

A last note: for optimization reasons, it’s better to only create fur on one side(front). Set density to be smaller than in reality but thickness should be larger than real.


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